Haresh Motiani –

Started the company in 2014 in Mumbai. He is an investment banker turned entrepreneur & having already group business of IT hardware and in E commerce business. Every minute in the day he is passionately innovating on new and simple things that will enable people have more out of life. Haresh comes equipped with prudence, practical approach and determination and leads finance where these qualities are needed the most. He comes equipped with rich experience in creating fool proof financial system and inculcating financial discipline across the organisation.

Chetan Bodha –

Cofounder of the company, chetan provides the nuts and bolts for the company making sure that every product of the respective brands company is of utmost quality. A perfectionist in operation, chetan has a knack of being able to arrive at solutions to the most complicated issues in the most simplistic way. Chetan is ardent foodie and has a unique talent of being able to identify every ingredient in the food. Chetan is an observant marketing professional very grounded in consumer needs. Chetan is people’s man, efficient leader, passionate sales person and person with good business acumen. Food quality and safety are his two areas of love and interest. He is very passionate about creating efficient processes and operational material, logistics of dispatch and customer care.

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