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We, Best In Taste fast growing manufacturers, full service food distribution company.
With leading edge technological capabilities, we are positioned to provide retail and wholesale customer solutions and options unrivalled in value, quality and reliability.

From order to delivery, BIT is at the forefront in service using innovative techniques to better satisfy our most demanding customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our partnership with our customers.

At BIT, it is our philosophy to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the highest in the quality, value and services.

We have everything you need. We provide a broad range of products, full line of dairy, frozen foods, bakery, puree, syrup, sauce, food service plus full range of groceries.

Our supply base gives us the advantage of staggered growing season, geographical diversification, and access to reliable supply.

BIT services customers including retailers, wholesalers, institutional accounts, food service accounts, hotel & restaurant chain. Airline food suppliers and cruise lines.

 Where BIT goes, satisfaction follows:-

At BIT, we distribute trust through the best natural, organic, specially and fresh foods products in the industry. Our state-of-the-art warehouses assure retailers of rapid, responsive, local product distribution and quality delivery.

Where BIT goes, confidence follows:-

Our business is improving your business – from the warehouse, to the dock, to the shelf, to the cart and home. We believe in the kind of a partnership that puts our vast knowledge and resources to work for you on the shelf.

Where BIT goes, better business follows:-

At BIT, your products live at the top of the food chain, backed by the best processes and most experienced people in the industry.

• State-of-the-art procurement systems
• Inbound shipment consolidation capabilities
• Multi-temperature warehousing environment
• Rapid, accurate Pick-to-Light capabilities

Our Distribution Brands: